Breastfeeding Support

Supporting breastfeeding mums is at the very heart of what we do. We offer informative, non-judgmental support based on our own breastfeeding experiences. Below is a list of the most common breastfeeding questions we get asked. We also have a blog which details our founder's breastfeeding experiences. We post regular supportive content through our social channels also. Join our community to support your breastfeeding journey today.

I'm Pregnant and want to breastfeed.  Where should I start?

Do some research with books or Youtube


Attend a breastfeeding preparation class run by a lactation consultant


Attend a breastfeeding support group in your area to meet other breastfeeding mums.

I just started breastfeeding but I'm in a lot of pain?

Breastfeeding can be painful at the beginning when establishing supply and getting the latch correct.

Get your latch checked by a lactation consultant within hospital or through your public health nurse referral.

For any questions, use the HSE breastfeeding chat service

How will I know if my baby is getting enough?

Regular wet and dirty nappies
Baby is satisfied after a feed 
Your baby is steadily gaining weight
You can hear and see your baby swallowing milk
Your breasts feel softer after a feed

Where can I find more support?

Lactation Consultants of Ireland
HSE Breastfeeding
La  Leche League
Friends of Breastfeeding
Doula Association of Ireland
Doula Care