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It’s a phase 🤞

Over the last few weeks bathtime has been an absolute nightmare with Isobel. No matter what we do she refuses to sit in the bath and will cling to the tub and stand until she’s lifted out.

We’ve tried adding in toys, her soother, teething rings, even got in the tub with her and nothing worked. It would be a complete scream fest until I got her out.

I did a lot of reading online and the majority of advice was to bring bathtime back earlier as she may be too tired for a bath. So I tried that for a week and it didn’t make a bit of difference. So I had resigned myself to accept this is the way bathtime is now and hopefully soon it will pass.

Then all of a sudden last night (after 6 weeks of torture) she sat down, played with her toys, did some splashing and I think I even saw a vague hint of a smile. I was scratching my head and thinking what did I do different, and of course nothing. This makes even more frustrating as who knows what tonight will bring. I love how babies have that ability to constantly keep you on your toes. At least there’s never a dull moment!

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