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Potty accidents

I know I had a pretty good experience with potty training Isobel but wanted to flag to those struggling with it, that sometimes even a good result can lead to setbacks.

We had about 10 accidents over the weekend with no real explanation for it, other than she didn’t tell us or said it too late. The best response from Isobel was “oh mommy all wet” instead of her normal “pee pee”. Four of those accidents are best described as sticky poos, i.e. knickers straight in bin, and took two of us to clean her.

We constantly reinforced to her that poos and pees are for the toilet and not her knickers. She nodded her head when we said this as if she understood but an hour later we would have another one. I keep reiterating it regardless and tell her she has done something wrong.

We had no afternoon naps this weekend either which might help explain some of the accidents. I’m hoping its just a blip and when back in nursery and in her routine she will go back to normal behaviour.

Onwards and upwards, keep persisting, and keep communicating with your little ones. Tomorrow is a new day!

New jacket we had to get for creche

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