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Room to Breathe

Last weekend we finally took the big decision to move Isobel out of our room. Or I should say I finally forced my husband to move his office out of our spare room and set Isobel’s cot up in there.

In a small place it’s hard to find room for everything. My husband works for himself, so he needs a desk and Isobel needed a room and I needed my sleep! With her shuffling sounds and deep breathing I had been barely getting 5-6 hours a night, despite her sleeping 10-11 hours most nights. Ok I am a light sleeper, I need a dark room and no noise, hard to getting living in London!!

It took all of Saturday as Shane’s office desk is such a stupid shape, it took about 4 goes before we realised how to take it apart and get through a narrow hallway. So it is now sitting proudly at the foot of our bed. Annoying to have a desk in your bedroom but it’s the price we pay for London living!

Isobel is adjusting well to her new room at night,with less noise and easier to darken with black out blinds on a smaller window. Daytime naps are still a battle (but I will talk about that later and it really deserves a blog of it’s own).

At nearly 8 months old it was gone well past the time to make the move, but my husband is a softie and still misses her from our bedroom. I keep telling him any night he feels like it he can sleep down there with her on the spare single bed. That’s one way to solve the snoring problem 🙂

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