• petrinaohalloran

Time to put the feet up

I finally got my Xmas holidays from work today and boy am I ready to say goodbye to 2020!

I cannot wait to spend the next few weeks with Isobel, as she gets spoiled by aunt, uncles, grannies and grandad! I love seeing her mix with her older cousins and I wasn’t long finding out recently, that she can defintely fight her own battles.

At one stage she had my 6 year old nephew in a headlock, whilst to try and climb on top of a 5 year old. My sister just looked at me and shook her head. That’s my little girl, I love how brave and bold she is, I hope she is always this way 🥰🥰.

I wish my followers a very restful Xmas (not sure that happens with kids) and a peaceful new year.

Take care, and I cannot wait to see what 2021 brings, Cheers 🥂

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