Our baby shower gift box is the perfect blend of gifts for both mum and baby.

There are 5 products in total, including;


"The Final Push" Raspberry Leaf Tea made from red raspberry leaves with whole peppermint to create a sweet, refreshing and comforting cuppa. It can not only help prepare for labour but also help aid digestion.


"Milk's up" Breastfeeding Tea made from fennel, nettle, fenugreek seeds, lemon verbena and anise. Completely caffeine-free blend, these herbs that won't affect your baby's sleep.


Mama's Travel Cup is our branded designed with supportive breastfeeding logo to ensure mum always gets a hot cuppa. It fits in the majority of car holders, buggy holders and is dishwasher safe. 300ml in size is perfect for a medium latte!


Swaddle Muslin to swaddle your newborn, available in a range of pretty patterns. 


Birth Affirmation Cards comes with heart clips and string and a plastic pouch for safekeeping. Birth Affirmations compliment hypnobirthing and gentle bith techniques. They can help keep pregnant women in a positive mindset for birth, 10 are included in the pack.


All these products are beautifully packaged in our Mama's Boobie Box with magnetic closed lid, ideal to re-use as a baby memories keepsake box.


Your order comes with free tracked delivery in Republic of Ireland.

Baby Shower Gift Box