Welcome to Mama's Boobie Box, we specialise in breastfeeding products and breastfeeding gifts for mums, who are new, to breastfeeding.

 Our gift boxes are beautifully packaged within a colourful gift box and wrapped in plum tissue paper, this gift will make any new mammy feel very loved and supported on her breastfeeding journey.

We can deliver directly to your loved one, as we offer free tracked delivery with all of our gift boxes ensuring your gift arrives within a few days of the order.

All products have been particularly sourced and researched based on experienced breastfeeding mothers.

We have a range of gift boxes and gift sets available. Please reach out to us if you are unsure which gift is best.

All products within our gift boxes can also be purchased separately.

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Dara Flynn

I wish this existed when my baby was born last year



Thank you so much for the amazing gift that arrived today. It's such a special and fabulous gift to receive. It's filled with everything I need at the moment -perfect for a breastfeeding mammy.



I have been drinking this tea for the last couple of months. The different herbs in it are so refreshing. Only got my next shipment of it today.. I love it

Our Origins

Mama's Boobie Box was an idea inspired by Petrina following the birth of her daughter in 2018.

After her own difficult start to breastfeeding, her main aim was to support breastfeeding mothers by supplying all of the practical essentials required for breastfeeding in one place, beautifully packaged in a gift box.

The idea has grown from one gift box to now, many gift boxes and gift sets, and breastfeeding products, carefully selected based on feedback from breastfeeding mothers.

Petrina also runs events for pregnant women and their partners www.birthandbeyond.ie, with a great host of guest speakers.

Petrina is mum of two to Isobel who is 3 years old and Aisling who was born in September 2021. She documents her milestones regularly through her blog Mom & Me. It's full of great anecdotes, stories and generally useful and practical information for any new or experienced mum.

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